Blue Collar

Blue Collar is the line made for those hard working men and women that make America run on time. We all deserve to have an e-liquid line that delivers premium quality, mind-blowing flavors, at a price the working (wo)man can afford to vape every day! 

Blue Collar comes in 120mL bottles, because any less just won’t do. Available in 0, 3, and 6 mg/mL nicotine concentrations. 

After a long day waiting tables, nothing soothes the mind and heart more than a thick slice of creamy cheesecake with raspberry swirls, topped with a delicious raspberry sauce.
The working man’s doughnut. This flavor is almost as authentic as a mechanic with greasy hands. Take a small work break and indulge in this sweet airy, perfectly glazed doughnut vape.
What do you think our teachers did with all the apples we brought them in school? They made candied apples of course! Bright red apples covered in a delicious sugar coating drizzled with gooey caramel.
We generally try to avoid getting shocked in our line of work, but sometimes you make an exception! Introduce this cold ripe mango colada to yourself, it will make your taste buds BUZZ!
Working the farm from dawn to dusk can be exhausting. Refresh yourself and your taste buds with some freshly harvested, ripe mixed berries. We won’t save any for the farmer’s market.