An Open Letter:

Dear Members of Congress,

Over the last several years, a tidal change has taken place for Americans suffering from addiction to tobacco smoking. A disruptive technology gave rise to a new industry which has helped hundreds of thousands of smokers reduce or eliminate their tobacco consumption. I am referring to vapor products.

While these products have positively impacted the health outcomes of American consumers, they have yielded an additional benefit which cannot be overestimated; They have revitalized American small business stimulating economic growth, job creation, technological innovation, all to the benefit of American industry. For thousands across the country, this industry has not just given people a potentially less harmful lifestyle; it has given new license on the American Dream with the creation of a whole new industry.

At the same time, we recognize that there are powerful corporate and lobbying interests at work, interests who will employ deceptive practices in order to stifle or, if possible, eliminate the competition presented by the vapor industry.

The effects tobacco products have on smokers are well documented; also well documented is the fact that vapor products are at least 95% less harmful than cigarette smoking. But the numbers are abstract and remote.

We would like to offer each member of the Senate and the House of Representatives the supplies necessary to experience vapor products for yourselves: A personal vaping device, which is a regulated battery system coupled with a tank to hold e-liquid, as well as e-liquid. We’re offering this so that each member of Congress who hasn’t yet felt this difference between smoking and vaping for him- or herself has an opportunity to do so in the interest of crafting and supporting wise and informed policy

We’re making this offer because the vapor industry has common purpose with you: On the business side, our goals are to continue to grow small business, stimulate the economy, and generate job growth

For smokers, our goal is simple: To provide smokers with a safer alternative that will allow bodies to recover, lives to continue, and families to remain whole and untouched by the loss of loved ones smoking so often takes from them much too early.

If you are interested in learning about vapor products first-hand and feeling the difference for yourself, please contact us at:

Gunnar Birtel

GK Vapors, LLC


Steve Johnson

Sonoran Vape Solutions, LLC